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Joseph Mark Hanson grew up in Denver, Colorado in a close relationship with his grandmother who was an art dealer and with his uncles, who installed neon signs commercially and who included him as a helper in installation projects throughout the state of Colorado. Given his naturally, generously endowed esthetic sensibilities, it was a short step to combining these sensibilities with his early introduction to some of the other aspects of working with glass and creating what those of us who cannot do it call "imperishable works of art".


Hanson has been creating art with glass as his primary medium for well over forty years, having continued in his teens by studying the classic approach to the construction of stained-glass artwork with Hans Gallus, an expert stained-glass artisan originally from Germany.

More recently, he has added to his skill repertoire the design and construction of Neon art.

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(There is an edge of danger, which might be appealing to him on some level, to both of these disciplines --the stained glass work requires a hands-on, delicate, sure touch, no protection for the fingers, exposing the fingers to direct contact with the lead "came" - a highly toxic metal -- and the neon, again glass, tubes filled with whatever the appropriate gas might be (mercury is one of the components possible) -- and the working with the glass tubes over heat high enough to allow the glass to be manipulated.)

Apart from the technical challenges and hazards, the actual design approach for both disciplines requires an intimate understanding and appreciation of color and of linear design and spatial relationships -- and of when "less is more" - of the ambience in the space in which the work is to be situated and of the light sources and the light quality.

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Hanson's understanding of color relationships and the relationships of form and space is without peer. He also has the considerable set of skills required for creating the support structures, including wiring, cabinet work and installation of the completed work in both disciplines.

An impressive body of works in both stained glass and neon have been completed and installed in both domestic and commercial venues, locally and in far places, to the delight and pleasure of those of us fortunate enough to experience them -- works of profound beauty and enlightenment. Hanson's wishes and capabilities extend to designing and actually building live-in/work-in spaces as homes for these amazing works of art, which then become part of a synergistic, inspirational whole, making living and working - in no materially measurable way - infinitely more rewarding. These will be buildings to be cherished on many levels - from utility to exquisite beauty and inspiration.

Joseph Mark Hanson's work can be commissioned for your pleasure and enrichment. Dagne


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